Friday, October 16, 2015

10 Reasons we are going home soon

Ten Reasons why Christians (The Church, The Bride) are going home soon

1. Jesus said this generation shall not pass until all these things be fulfilled. Matt 24:34
We are the generation of the end times. While people debate how long a generation is and exactly when did it start (1948 Israel becomes a nation or 1967 6 day war) either way bible prophecy is being fulfilled everyday and more in the last 70 years than in 1930 years before.

2. The Temple. The third temple is almost complete and all that is left is for the word to be given and Israel will assemble it on the temple mount next to the dome of the rock.
3. Jewish persecution and hatred. We are fast approaching a time the revels the hatred toward Jews Hitler had but the difference is the entire world is getting on that wagon. Just read the news headlines, another country, another city and another group is added to the I hate Israel list.
4. Just like in Noah's day. Homosexual sin is more celebrated and relished today than ever before in the history of the world. Notice I didn't say "accepted", that is because acceptance is not the goal of the radical homosexual moment. Accepted would indicate tolerance and tolerance is the last thing they want, outright celebration and embracing their lifestyle is the goal.
5. Christian persecution is on the rise and Christians are hated more and more every day. Jesus said "one day they will kill you and think they did the world a favor". How true is that statement today. Tell people homosexual behavior is a sin and you will be label a hater and worthy of death. Look at satan's children the muslim people and their hatred for God's people Jews and Christians alike. I once heard, and this is true that the only difference between a radical muslim and a moderate is one wants to kill you now and the other is waiting for the return of the messiah and then kill you if you wont conform.
6. New World Order. For almost 2000 years no one could really see how a one world government could take over. How could one world leader control the world, demand the mark of the beast, control all money and wealth. Now it is very clear just look at Obama care with written word talking about everyone having a chip implanted in order to receive healthcare. Take a look at every street corner and all the cameras, big brother is watching. A recent report in the times tells that only 10 percent of the world's wealth is in actual currency like gold, silver or even printed cash. The other 90% is digital money that exist nowhere but on computers.
7. The False prophet. The new pope has certainly become very popular and he did it by saying blasphemous things about God and by turning his back on doctrine long held sacred by the catholic church. The catholic church is relatively quiet on the matter but the world media loves him. So far he has adopted gays, muslim's and atheists and has talked about turning his back on aborted children. If he isn't the false prophet who is?

8. The anti-christ. 

9. The great deception.

10. Gog Magog War.